Talsinki Hack: Hack the commute and cross-border business!


Finno-Ugric language app? Hyperloop between Tallinn and Helsinki? Board game “Cards against Estonians”? Talsicoin? Subscription model for boat rides between two capitals? App for making national anthems modern or different? Educational lectures during boat rides?

Create solutions for people travelling between Tallinn and Helsinki on a weekly basis. Come up with new innovative services and solutions that make the commute smoother, shorter, and more comfortable. You can extend your imagination beyond commuters and think about how to make cross-border business more effective and comfortable for employees and employers working in these two cities.

Got an idea? Perhaps it’s even you whose travels need to get hacked.. Sign up now! There is no registration fee and up to 200€ of travel expenses per team (2 or more persons) will be compensated. In addition to all the fun and trouble you will have - and there will be plenty of that - best teams will also receive prizes. If you are one of the few people who likes cold hard cash, no worries, the best team will get 3000€.

Register your team by the 1st of May HERE.

Solution domains we appreciate

In principle you are given a clean slate and you can come up with anything you please. However, if you are looking for some direction, here are some solution domains: