Tehnopol’s new Business Services Department Manager is Anu Puusaag and Health Tech Manager Piret Hirv

Since the beginning of January, our former ICT Sector Manager Anu Puusaag will start on a new position as Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol’s new Manager of Business Services Department. Also, we have a new Health Tech Manager, Piret Hirv.

According to Jaak Raie, the CEO of Tehnopol, he is particularly pleased that the new Business Services Department Manager managed to find from inside the team. “Anu’s long-term experience in business development, belief in teamwork and the willingness to contribute to the growth of Estonian technology companies were the basis for making a decision. And our new Health Tech Manager Piret has great contacts and a lot of expereinces on the field of health tech. She has been both in private and public sector, and today, one of her tasks is to develop health tech companies and to become an innovation leader in this field.”

Anu’s mission is to help our tech companies enter foreign markets and develop Smart City field. Anu has worked for more than 10 years at Enterprise Estonia, where she was the head of startup program and contributed to the development of technology companies and creative industry. In addition, Anu has been the leader of Ajujaht and Eesti Innovatsiooniaasta. 

Piret has been in the field of health care for 17 years. In recent years, she has worked as an adviser in the field of e-services and innovation policy in the Ministry of Social Affairs. Last year Piret got her Master’s Degree in Health Technology at Tallinn University of Technology.

Raie emphasized that we are always grateful to Külle Tärnov, Tehnopol’s former Manager of Business Services and Health Tech Department, who now started a new position in private sector.” Külle made a very significant contribution to the development of Science Park Tehnopol and created a well-functioning network of startups, large companies and public sector. By targeting all these different organizations, it is possible to provide innovative products and services for the development of public sector and help our companies conquer foreign markets,” explained Tehnopol’s CEO Jaak Raie.


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