Tehnopol captivated attention at Latitude59 with AI photo art

Tehnopol captivated attention at Latitude59 with AI photo art

Last week, the major startup conference Latitude59 took place in Tallinn, and of course, we were there too!

The program was quite packed for Tehnopol this time, as we started already on the pre-event day with the Womenture event and the NATO DIANA demo day, and we were represented on various stages during the main conference days.

On the first day of Latitude59, our Head of Business Development, Martin Goroško, participated in a joint discussion by SEB and the Innovation Leaders Club, where they talked about how to collaborate with corporations and what mistakes to avoid.

Tehnopol’s health technology community hosted a seminar discussing AI and data. The discussion was moderated by Lise-Lotte Lääne, representing Tehnopol’s health tech community member Sorainen, and featured Priit Salumaa (Better Medicine) and P.J. Łaszkowicz (Omnifi Foundation).

The head of the Startup Incubator and NATO DIANA Innovation Accelerator, Kadri Tammai, moderated a main stage discussion on how protecting state sovereignty and developing entrepreneurship can intertwine. The panel included Prime Minister Kaja Kallas, Bolt’s founder and CEO Markus Villig, and Helsingi co-founder Dr. Gundbert Scherf.

In collaboration with TalTech, Tehnopol’s health technology community hosted a seminar on how technology is transforming the healthcare sector and what innovative solutions Scandinavian countries have already implemented. Insights were shared by our community members Dermtest, represented by Priit Kruus, and HeBa, represented by Ain Aaviksoo. An overview of Tehnopol’s health technology community activities was provided by Paulin Jürjens.

At our booth, visitors could learn more about Tehnopol’s various activities as well as NATO DIANA’s plans. We also had a photo booth where anyone could take one – or several – photos, enhanced with AI for an extra touch. By the way, around 2000 photos were taken at our booth during the conference, so you probably saw some of them in your social media feed! A shoutout to the Estonian company Portrai for providing this solution.

Startups took the stage

This time, both the Startup Incubator and the NATO DIANA Innovation Accelerator teams took the pitching stage. They presented their solutions:

  • Lawato: Develops AI-based cloud software to help companies in the legal field work more efficiently and save time.
  • Bebo (Startup Accelerator): Creates an innovative virtual assistant in Estonia specialized in comparing food prices, helping customers find the best purchase options among major online stores.
  • PhishBite (Cyber Accelerator): Develops a Software as a Service (SaaS) phishing simulation tool that uses text creation software to automatically gather feedback on client data phishing security.
  • Holocrow (Startup Accelerator): Develops a unique video technology and image processing platform that allows customers to analyze outputs from installed surveillance cameras.
  • Livful (Startup Accelerator): Produces zero-footprint small houses.
  • GaltTec (DIANA): Develops fuel cells with exceptionally high power density, enabling them to deliver greater power output while occupying minimal space compared to other technologies on the market. By the way, GaltTec is the only Estonian company selected for the DIANA accelerator.
  • Anzen (DIANA): Offers end-to-end cybersecurity services and consultancy to companies in sectors like pharmaceuticals and critical infrastructure installations. Their technology helps protect sensitive or classified data, ensuring information security and data sovereignty for the future.
  • GIM Robotics (DIANA): Develops a cost-effective localization solution for armoured vehicles operating in GNSS-compromised environments.
  • Dronetag (DIANA): Develops next generation un-jammable and undetectable solution for safe and efficient drone traffic management.
  • Goldilock (DIANA): Developed a multi-patented cybersecurity tool for protecting critical assets and data. The technology provides a ‘kill-switch’ that physically isolates assets, allowing them to connect to the internet or other network segments only when necessary.
  • IceWind (DIANA): Develops and manufactures micro vertical-axis wind turbine solutions for decentralized power generation for remote, underserved, and extreme environments.
  • REVOBEAM (DIANA): Develops low-cost energy efficient anti-jamming antennas for unmanned platforms and IoT devices. The solution is lighter, more efficient, and less expensive than any other product on the market.
  • Avoptics (DIANA): Develops high quality photonic solutions for harsh environments. They are producing fibre optic, photonic, electrical and electronic solutions which are suitable for usage f.e. in aerospace and defence sector.
  • Lobster Robotics (DIANA): Develops autonomous lightweight and low-cost underwater robots for seafloor photography, enabling quantitative insights with visual mapping.

In the Latitude59 pitching competition, our health technology community member Siffi and GaltTec, participating in the NATO DIANA Innovation Accelerator, made it to the final five. The latter received €100,000 from investors during the competition.

Additionally, the spring round of the Prototron fund created by Swedbank, TalTech, and Tehnopol, ended, and companies presented their solutions. The following startups received funding:

  • TraynMe: Helps use external computing power over the network for 3D and video media rendering. Support: €10,000 and €1,500 for legal services.
  • Sciflux: Will produce Alzheimer’s disease prevention technology based on blood tests. Support: €15,000 and €1,500 for legal services.
  • Audiocat: Produces smart games for visually impaired people. Support: €15,000 and €1,500 for legal services.
  • ILUS Bike: Building modular bicycles for rental companies. Support: €35,000 and €1,500 for legal services.

Next, you can meet us at Tehnopol’s Summer Day on June 13th. Register here and see you at the campus!

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