Tehnopol is turning a new page!

We are happy to announce that we have turned a new page and have a new website! The address is still the same, but the content is new and design trendy! Visit www.tehnopol.ee and give us feedback! 

In addition to fresh design, we wanted this homepage to be more user-friendly. You can easily find the information about the three main focus fields of Tehnopol, useful services or information about the real estate in the campus.

All the information about our business services is gathered together here. On this page, you can find the right package for your business, read about the main focus fields of Tehnopol and see our partners and projects.

The booking system has also somewhat changed. After booking the room you receive an email with booking information and if necessary, you can change or cancel the booking, but not later than 24 hours from the time of the reservation. In order to avoid confusion, we will inform you that the confirmation letter is not an invoice, and Tehnopol customers will not have to pay for the rooms. Check out the virtual tours of all the rooms here.

To the “Rent an office” page we have gathered all the important information about the real estate in the campus. You can find rooms that are available and services in the campus. When you already have an office and you would like to raise an awareness of your company then would be happy to help you with the promotion in our marketing channels. You can find the information here.

Also, have a chat with Tehnobot, our new little helper to guide you through Tehnopol’s services. And if you get a long well, he might even make some jokes! 😉

Have a nice exploring! Your feedback is important to us!


Tehnopol team


Our partners

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