Tehnopol passed the baton – the new main organiser of GreenEST Summit is TalTech

This year, Tehnopol organised the largest green technology conference in the region, GreenEST Summit, in cooperation with 16 organizations. Now is the time for Tehnopol to pass on the main organiser’s baton and let other partners lead the event. The main organiser of next year’s GreenEST Summit is TalTech!

Ragmar Saksing, Tehnopol’s head of green technology, is satisfied with the development of the conference: “This year we organised the event with 16 partners for the first time and it can be seen that it has contributed a lot to the development of the event. When we started organising the conference three years ago, our plan was to focus on one major theme each year. This year, however, thanks to the cooperation of the community, five exciting topics were on the agenda! ”

According to Saksing, he is pleased that the baton will be passed on to TalTech. “TalTech takes the lead, led by Veiko Karu, EIT project manager at the Institute of Geology. I am sure that the event will continue on the right course, ”says Saksing. He adds that Tehnopol will not disappear from the organising team, being still responsible for the financial side of the event and continuing to work in the event content working group.

The next GreenEST Summit will take place on October 27, 2021. More information can be found here!

GreenEST Summit is organized by Tehnopol, Taltech, Startup Estonia, Rohetiiger, Nordic Council of Ministers, Estonian Association for the Club of Rome, Sunly, Environmental Investment Center, Cleantech Forest, Mektory, Tallinn, World Energy Council, Estonian Renewable Energy Chamber, Ministry of Environment, Pakri Research Center and Industrial Park and the Wind Energy Association. The aim of the conference is to further develop the field of green technology in Estonia and to market Estonia as a test platform for green technologies.

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