Tehnopol Startup Incubator X LHV demo day: The best impact start-up received 5000 euros

On September 18th, the Tehnopol Startup Incubator’s impact start-ups had their demo day at LHV bank’s office, where seven start-ups took the stage, and the best one was awarded 5000 euros by LHV.

Impact entrepreneurship is a growing trend in which entrepreneurs increasingly prioritize the impact management of their companies alongside profits. LHV has made it its mission to enhance the knowledge of both new and existing businesses in responsible business management, impact measurement, implementation, and mitigation. Agile and innovative start-ups provide an ideal platform for launching initiatives with a positive impact from the ground up, making them more resilient to future challenges.

This is also one of the reasons why the bank decided to participate in the latest growth programme round of the Tehnopol Startup Incubator, which only admitted impact start-ups. LHV contributes mentors in the field of ESG/sustainability to the programme, who do their best to disseminate knowledge about the societal and environmental dimensions of entrepreneurship.

The impact start-ups presented their elevator pitches on demo day and then answered questions from an expert panel.

The participating start-ups were:

  • SUTU is developing a reed-based debit card to reduce the use of fossil materials and thus meet ESG goals with a local bio-based source.
  • Willuwalk is creating a mobile app designed to connect parents and encourage them to be more active.
  • Roadly connects customers, local quarries, and regional transport partners into one app, allowing end customers to purchase materials from nearby quarries with just a few clicks.
  • EATB4 has created a data exchange platform that helps surplus food reach those in need in larger quantities and at lower costs.
  • Rikardia is developing a platform that brings together various body and mind practices and connects users with practitioners who suit their needs.
  • Tammetriinu is developing visual communication and speech development tools and games to help children with limited speech make themselves understood and participate in activities on an equal footing with others.
  • KideoCall helps children of families who have moved abroad find a native-language community and develop their language skills through playful activities via video calls.

Based on the decision of LHV bank’s expert panel, KideoCall was awarded 5000 euros (read more about KideoCall here). We congratulate the entire team!

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