The spring has been successful in every way for the startup companies of the Tehnopol Startup Incubator

Startups from the Startup Incubator made a strong showing in the Top 20 Startups in the business idea competition run by Ajujaht (Brain Hunt). Here is a brief look at how the incubated companies have fared this spring.

The Ajujaht Top 20 was announced!

The 20 companies that will continue their journey in the Ajujaht accelerator were announced at the end of April. The Ajujaht jury selected the Top 20 by looking at the ideas and marketing potential of the startups, and at their execution of their ideas, and the self-belief and dedication of their teams. Companies from the Startup Incubator that made the list were Fairmus, Funki, HopLocal and Willuwalk. Good luck to all those companies, and we are keeping our fingers crossed that you win the overall Ajujaht competition!

But even if you don’t win overall, it is still all good. The Geenius media portal recently ran an article on companies that did not win Ajujaht, but that are now more successful than those that actually did. There are several companies on the list that have been involved with Tehnopol in one way or another, such as FitSphere and Timbeter, which are based on our campus; Filaret, which took part in the Startup Incubator; TempID and Migrevention, which are members of the Connected Health cluster; and DriveX and Edumus, which graduated from the Tehnopol AI accelerator. Our congratulations to all of them!

SUTU will represent Estonia in the global Creative Business Cup competition

It was announced last week that Estonia will be represented in the global Creative Business Cup competition by SUTU, a company that attended the impact companies round of the Startup Incubator, and that produces a material made from reeds that can be used to make bank cards and other plastic items.

The competition will be held on 4-5 June in Copenhagen, Denmark, and will have entries from some 80 countries that have each chosen a creative and innovative startup to represent them.

Chair of the jury Yrjö Ojasaar explained that SUTU had caught the eye for producing an innovative and renewable material made from local raw materials. “The potential uses of such a material are endless, it could replace a large part of plastic”, he said.

Best of luck to SUTU, and we hope for success at the competition in early June!

Roadly gains an award for its user-friendly e-shops

Roadly, which also took part in the impact company round, won the title of most user-friendly e-shop in the category ‘Home, garden, furniture and construction’ at the e-commerce UX conference organised by the website of business daily Äripäev.

The winners in other categories were well-known names like Euronics, Selver, Loverte, Rahva Raamat, and Weekendshoes.

Congratulations to Roadly!

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