Today’s sales process takes 22% longer than five years ago

Are you a sales manager under pressure? Do you believe that your customers are taking longer and longer to make up their minds? Well, you are not alone. Accounting to the American statistics website Biznology, a sales decision today takes on average 22 % longer than they did five years ago. But how to use the right tools for a more effective B2B sales, how to find, convince and keep the right customers, how to scale your organization, how to generate leads and fill the sales and marketing funnel? These and many more questions will get their answers at the B2B Sales Workshop with Gerald Hoff!

Gerald Hoff is a Sales Expert and Entrepreneur with 18 years of experience and a passion for Sales & Sales Management in different industries (Benefits, IT & legal). In 2014, he started providing startups and companies with the knowledge of how to implement a sustainable sales process. His mission is to help great products break through by scaling them via a smart and powerful sales solution.

After scaling sales as Head of Sales at Sensorberg, he’s currently Head of Corporate Partnerships at CUBE, where he’s helping to further innovation by connecting cutting-edge startups and major industry players globally. Today, Gerald is also helping Estonian startup FoodDocs to scale up in Germany. FoodDocs is Tehnopol Startup Incubator’s alumni, they have had an opportunity to work with Gerald and they only have good words about this cooperation.

Katrin Liivat, co-founder of FoodDocs says: “I only have positive words to say about Gerald. He is the person, who opened my eyes when it comes to sales, sales pipeline and the automation of sales. He made clear that the point isn’t to just intensely sell your product, but to understand whether your client really needs your product and why. He taught us how to organize this all more automatically. After his workshop I had a vision, what needs to be done next and how.”

We are happy to announce that in April, there is an opportunity to meet with Gerald and learn all about B2B Sales that a startup needs to know. You can find more information here.

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(Source: Qymatix web)

(On the picture: Gerald Hoff and FoodDocs)

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