TTÜ Mektory STARTERtech Advanced Launch Event “Idea? Idea … I have an idea!”

On the 19th of February 2018 TTÜ Mektory is launching STARTERtech Advanced Spring 2018 – a business development program that helps early-stage student teams to develop their ideas and get their first paying customers.

The Launch Event is open to all student teams as well as people who’d like to join a team!
During the event we will …

  • See all the registered teams introducing their idea on the stage;
  • Match the teams with those who want to join a team;
  • Select the best teams to participate in STARTERtech Advanced program;
  • Have some fun, find new friends and get inspired by speakers.

THE TIMETABLE (changes may occur):

17.30 Opening Speeches and Greetings

17.40 Inspiring people talk about their ideas, idea and team development, accomplishments and obstacles on their way.

18.00 Introduction of ideas interested in joining the STARTERtech Advanced program (if you have an idea, please be prepared to introduce it within 2 minutes: what is the  problem you would be willing to solve with this idea, what is the idea itself, who is your team members, are you looking for additional team members etc)

19.00 Parallel activities: Networking and Workshop on creating new ideas

20.15 Further actions at the STARTERtech Advanced programm Spring Semester 2018

20.30 The end

TEAMS – please be prepared to give a 2-minute pitch.

All teams will be given 3 minutes (2 minutes pitch + 1 min for questions) to present their ideas on the stage. The pitch should include the following:

  • Introduce your idea and your team;
  • What have you accomplished so far?
  • What do you want to archive in 2018?
  • Who else do you need in your team?

The event is free for everyone. Registration is required by February 14, 2018 @14.00.

Find more information and register HERE

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