Tune UP for a Scale UP

Free online webinars to find out how to promote tech collaboration in startups

Tehnopol Startup Incubator and Mikaels Labs created new and exciting series of events “Tune UP for a Scale UP”, where three webinars were held to discuss how to manage the communication between different parties in technology companies so that the startup can grow quickly and with little risk.

Interesting case studies and personal experiences were shared by technology managers in the first webinar, project managers in the second, and HR managers in the third. Awesome speakers shared their personal experiences and strategies, and the listeners had the opportunity to ask questions. Together, speakers and listeners came to concrete conclusions to learn from the cases.

Thank you for helping us making this series of events happen!


I The art of deciding: seeking for a win-win in tech vs business

II The power of structure: Project Manager as a sub-task vs a strategic role:

III The magic of mindset: gearing the company culture towards people and growth

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