Two Estonian mothers created a secure application for storing family memories

Graspic’s journey began a few years ago when two active Estonian mothers – Triinu Epler and Gerta Sarv – found that their lives lacked a convenient application for collecting family memories. Along the way, they have participated in several incubators, accelerators and reached the top 30 of Ajujaht. Today, Graspic is ready to preserve the special memories of all families.

The founders Triinu Epler and Gerta Sarv aimed to create a safe alternative to social media and cloud albums. Graspic was born out of a desire to comfortably capture and store children’s childhood. Graspic is a mobile application for collecting and storing family memories. In addition, the app provides exciting ideas for spending time with your family and enables to watch the child’s growth with the entire family. “Nowadays, probably all families feel isolated due to the COVID crisis. Grandparents live far away and it is important to protect them from the virus. Many families also do not see fathers working abroad. With Graspic, all people who are important in a child’s life can monitor the child’s growth and add memories themselves,” says Sarv. Graspic’s mission is to unite families. The whole Graspic team considers the time spent with family important – it is important for a healthy family relationship and the child’s development. Collecting memories together and later remembering them creates a strong bond with the child and moments that they remember as an adult.

The founders aim to educate parents about the dangers of the Internet and provide a safe alternative to the big giants of social media. With Graspic, the pictures and information are protected. Only people invited by a parent can see and edit a child’s profile. This way, the parent can be sure that only the relatives will see the child’s information. Only the profile’s administrator, who is usually a parent, can download images and videos from the application. Thus, unlike social media, it is not possible to arbitrarily share images with anyone other than the parent. “With our application and messages, we are, in a sense, against major social media platforms, such as Facebook. There are a lot of posts and pictures of children which don’t really belong on social media. Later, these images create tensions within the family, violate the child’s right to privacy and, in the worst case, fall into the hands of perpetrators,” said Triinu Epler, CEO of Graspic.

Graspic can record children’s special moments as first moments. In this way, the company tries to avoid excessive digital waste. Millions of pictures are uploaded to cloud albums and social media every day, most of which are forgotten. In Graspic, the parent must select one picture or video for each moment. This way, it’s easy to develop photos later – they’re already sorted.

In 2019, Graspic OÜ reached the top 30 of Ajujaht- Estonia’s largest business competition – with its idea. Since then, the founders have been working on the idea alongside their children and developing the app’s first version. In 2021, they joined Tehnopol Startup Incubator, which, according to the founders, has brought many valuable people who have helped improve their weaknesses. The team has gained a better understanding of how marketing should be approached, and if there has been a need for know-how, a solution has been found on how to move forward and acquire that know-how. Thanks to this support the team is much more motivated, focused and feel that they will reach the goal faster!

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