Womenture X Merlin Seeman: Take the leap, and launch your business!

Tehnopol, in collaboration with the Womenture program, has a mission to inspire women on their entrepreneurial journey. Within this program, we get to know remarkable and inspiring female entrepreneurs and explore what has supported them on their entrepreneurial path and what advice they would give to others.

This time, our questions were answered by Merlin Seeman, the founder of Symmetrista, as well as a lawyer and managing partner at the Hedman law firm.

What inspired you to start your own business?

What inspired me to start Symmetrista was my own 15-year personal struggle to find bras that properly fit my uneven breasts. I realised there was an unmet need for comfortable, one-piece bras designed specifically for women with breast asymmetry. The idea of creating a solution for not just myself but millions of women dealing with this issue inspired me to turn this concept into a reality.

Seeing the confidence, the Symmetrista bra provides these women is incredibly rewarding. Many share that for the first time ever, they feel their breasts look even and proportional, and it’s all thanks to the bra. This simple garment provides a life-changing boost of feminine confidence. Many had lost touch with their sense of style and femininity, flattening their form with sports bras and the like. Now, with the Symmetrista Signature, they enthusiastically share that they’ve started wearing open-neck and slim-to-fit clothing.

The difference Symmetrista makes in these women’s lives is profound. To help women reclaim their feminine spirit and self-esteem, to make them feel gorgeous and confident – that is what inspires me and makes every challenge in building this business so worthwhile.

Please share some valuable lessons or experiences from your entrepreneurial journey that you think would be helpful to other women looking to start their own businesses.

My entrepreneurial journey with Symmetrista has taught me that patience, consistency, and hard work are key. Building awareness for a niche product doesn’t happen overnight. We’ve learned it’s about more than just selling a bra – it’s about creating a supportive sisterhood and spreading understanding of an issue many women don’t realise is so common.

Entrepreneurship is never easy. But what has helped me pull me through is dedicating myself fully to the cause and persevering even when progress seems slow. I endeavour to keep sight of the big picture vision, refine the product, and stay relentless.

Thankfully, the traction and community we’ve built and are still building make every difficult day worthwhile. Though the road is long, you will find motivation when you experience those first signs of progress. Stay fixed on your vision and keep putting one foot in front of the other. Soon, you’ll find you’ve walked further than you ever imagined.

Please give 3 recommendations for women who want to start their entrepreneurial career.

Find a mentor(s): Having someone who has been there before to provide guidance and support can be invaluable. In the absence of a direct one-on-one mentor, surround yourself with people who have been in those same shoes. Here’s my tip – join top networking groups or reach out to successful entrepreneurs and ask them to mentor you. Remember to reach out to them in the right way.

Make that move: Understanding the critical aspects of starting a business, from finances to operations to growth strategies, is crucial. Being prepared will set you up for success, but don’t get bogged down striving for perfection. If you have a solid idea, take the leap, and launch your business. If you are waiting to have it all figured out, you might never get to actually start the business or take it to the next level. And even when you find the courage to make your move, obstacles will arise no matter how much you plan. So, what you have to do is just take that step. You don’t have to feel 100% ready. However, it’s also crucial to consult experts as you go ahead with your operations. You’ll feel more at ease knowing that your actions have been checked by them.

Believe in yourself: Self-doubt can be a great barrier for founders and prospective founders. According to a Zapier report, 61% of Americans have had an idea for starting a business, but 92% of those people didn’t follow through with their idea. That is why you need to have confidence in your vision and abilities. Be aware of the challenges you’ll face, but don’t let fear hold you back from taking risks. So, tune out the doubts and take the entrepreneurial leap. After taking that leap, focus on growing and bettering yourself each step of the journey. 

Please recommend one book or podcast that has supported you in your career journey.

I find inspiration from a variety of podcasts, so it’s hard to choose just one that has supported my journey. A few that have been incredibly valuable are Diary of a CEO, WorkLife, and The Pursuit of Scrappiness.

Diary of a CEO stands out for its raw, transparent look into the world of business leadership. Steven Bartlett has a gift for drawing out candid stories from founders and CEOs. Adam Grant always provides research-backed insights on productivity, culture, and fulfilment in WorkLife. And The Pursuit of Scrappiness keeps me grounded with its practical tips on bootstrapping and entrepreneurship.

I enjoy listening to these podcasts while engaging in sports. But when not listening to podcasts, you’d find me listening to some relaxing tunes. Ultimately, having diverse sources of motivation and learning to integrate them into a well-balanced life is what matters. At the end of the day, it’s about finding what fuels your mind, body, and spirit.

Womenture connects and empowers European female entrepreneurs through training, events, and mentor meetings. Womenture is your opportunity to become part of an encouraging female founder community that will support you in turning your business idea into reality.

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