Data-based personal healthcare – a distant future or today’s reality?

Although people are sensitive about sharing their data, the digital healthcare industry is definitely the direction we are headed to. It is important to keep health data protected, not to protect the data from use.

A survey conducted by the Science Park Tehnopol in 2018 shows that 75% of people consider digitally collected health data to be useful for health, disease prevention and treatment improvement. 72% of respondents agreed that using digital health solutions increases people’s commitment to control their health and they believe that data will help them get better services.

Great opportunity for startups

The state has given entrepreneurs all the necessary building blocks to provide smart services in health care and we will see more and more personal data driven solutions coming to market in upcoming years. Geenivaramu, who will also be on the mane stage at Latitude59 plays an important role enabling these solutions to come alive.

Another solution called 42 by Detalytics, also presented on the stage, provides you with personalized and actionable data about your sleep, physical activity and heart rate. Just another health app you might ask? No, 42 gives you what you do not get from your wearable app: simple to understand Lifestyle Impact Score (LIS), an aggregated analytics score that reflects your functioning status taking into accounts an array of daily behaviours, medical data and environmental factors. How cool is that!

What does the future bring?

Unlike other industries, healthcare concerns every citizen – both healthy people and people with health problems. Every day new technologies are coming to market and the use of artificial intelligence and genetic data in healthcare solutions and prevention is more of a present than a future. We will see many new solutions based on the personalized data and the communication between doctors and patients moves partly to online environment.

Skilful use and management of data is already important, because due to the abundance of data the regulations must be in place. Laws and rules have to be set and they should support the implementation of new services and solutions. It is important to show that:

  • People own their data,
  • People can decide for themselves who have access to their sensitive health data
  • People can monitor who has seen their data.

Science Park Tehnopol is the leading partner of the Connected Health Cluster – country-wide partnership between health-related stakeholders in Estonia, who are committed to accelerating the adoption of connected health solutions, on an international scale and on commercial terms.

Come and see the health tech trach powered by Tehnopol at Latitude59!

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