Apply to the AI accelerator and receive a 10,000-euro cash injection to develop your idea

At Tehnopol Startup Incubator, we’re gearing up for our second AI accelerator program set to launch this October. We’re eagerly anticipating applications from teams that are centered around artificial intelligence, with the aim of fostering the growth of new, robust tech companies in the market.

We invite startups, spin-off teams, researchers, and students whose ideas and solutions are rooted in artificial intelligence to join our 6-month AI accelerator. We encourage companies that are either already registered in Estonia or in the process of registration to apply. A specialised training series with a strong AI focus, along with mentors hailing from the industry’s leading experts and experts who engage with the teams on a weekly basis, contributes to the successful completion of the accelerator.

This time around, we’ll be selecting 10 teams to join the AI accelerator, each receiving a 10,000-euro cash injection to propel their ideas forward. The accelerator training program is set to kick off in the first half of October, and the application deadline is September 30.

Our second AI accelerator round is already in progress, with promising teams such as 10lines, Augmental Technologies, Edumus Education, Raiku Packaging, Drivex, Ratel Robotics, Rexplorer, Scapelyse, Thumbly and Flowbase actively developing their AI solutions. According to Rain-Alari Külm from Ratel Robotics, the AI accelerator has provided invaluable access to top mentors, specialised training sessions, and significant momentum. “We started with a concept, and today, we’ve reached the testing phase with our first prototype,” Külm shared.

For a more comprehensive overview of the solutions being developed by the companies in the second round of the AI accelerator, you can find additional details here.

The AI Accelerator Program serves several critical purposes:

  • It nurtures the growth of robust AI technology companies under the guidance of seasoned mentors and through a structured training program.
  • It facilitates networking and connecting participants with AI domain experts.
  • It accelerates the piloting of AI-based ideas, reducing the time and resources typically required.
  • It provides access to valuable contacts capable of aiding in securing additional capital.

Upcoming training sessions will cover a range of topics, including “Business model and building a strong team,” “Product development and prototyping with AI technologies (build-measure-learn),” “Intellectual property protection and agreements with third parties,” “Validation of customer cases, piloting, and market entry strategies,” and “Preparing for investment readiness and identifying financing opportunities.”

Participation in the accelerator is free, and there is no equity stake required. Essential prerequisites include a scalable AI-based business concept, an existing prototype, or the ability to create one during the accelerator program, along with a dedicated team. All participating teams are welcome to utilise the physical collaboration centre at the Tehnopol Science and Business Campus.

It’s worth noting that the AI accelerator operates within the framework of the AI development program, supported by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications.

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