The Tehnopol Startup Incubator AI accelerator is giving a 100,000-euro boost to artificial intelligence startups

The Tehnopol Startup Incubator AI accelerator launched the journey for ten new startup firms that want to use artificial intelligence in their processes. Total support of 100,000 euros is being given to companies in the accelerator.

The aim of the AI accelerator is to support strong technology companies working with artificial intelligence, whose solutions can take the production, processes or products of small and medium-sized businesses to a new level. The accelerator invited applications from startup companies and spin-off teams from established companies, and teams of researchers and students whose ideas and solutions use artificial intelligence and are aimed at industrial or data-intensive companies. They were expected to have a scalable business idea built on artificial intelligence, an existing prototype or the capacity to create one during the accelerator, and a dedicated team with the necessary skills.

The companies will go through a many-sided training programme during the six months of the accelerator, and leaders and experts from the field will help them to hone their ideas and ready them for the market. Each company will also get 10,000 euros in support.

“Artificial intelligence has reached the computers of very many people in the past six months, and it is used for entertainment and as a tool for day-to-day work. AI really is a new technology for most people, and the search is on for ways to use it best. There are though already clear areas and businesses where AI can help make processes much more effective, or create entirely new applications and business models. There were 50 exciting teams that applied to the accelerator, which shows how very topical this is, and that a lot of companies see new business opportunities in their own field”, said Kadri Tammai, head of the Tehnopol Startup Incubator.

The companies accepted into the accelerator were:

10Lines – using AI to develop line-drawing robots even alongside large buildings.

Augmental Technologies – using AI-based software in physiotherapy to help visualise the movements of patients and the progress of treatment.

Edumus Education – developing a teaching assistant with artificial intelligence.

RAIKU Packaging – developing machine vision capacity for use in production processes.

Ratel Robotics – developing a prototype of an unmanned ground vehicle or UGV using smart software.

DriveX – applying artificial intelligence for identifying damage to vehicles and measuring the environmental footprint of repair work.

Rexplorer – creating a digital twin of solar energy for the roofs of residential and commercial properties. – developing an e-solution allowing landowners to find better ways of using their land. – using AI to create thumbnails for YouTube videos.

Flowbase – developing machine vision technology and an SaaS application based on it to enhance the work of process engineers.

The AI accelerator is part of the Tehnopol AI development programme, which is supported by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications. An AI workshop will be held in September for all companies that want use AI to develop their products or services, and industrial companies are also invited to come with process innovations.

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