Aufort develops a digital gold platform and launches the second funding round

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Aufort, that recently finished Tehnopol Startup Incubator’s growth programme, launched their second funding round, which already has caught the attention of several leading investors. The funding round closes on October 31.

Aufort aims to expand their business in Estonia and also internationally. They launched their second funding round where everyone can become a shareholder in the company starting from an investment of 1000 euros. The second funding round has three leading investors: Olympic gold medalist Gerd Kanter, crypto financing expert Asse Sauga and real estate entrepreneur Reimo Metsküll.

A unique solution

Only a few months ago, Aufort launched a digital gold solution called AufortGold which is unique in the world. AufortGold is a physical investment gold in a digital form, which can be bought from an e-shop. The gold is kept in a safe vault in Austria on the client’s name. It can be sold based on the current price of gold in the world market or taken out as a physical gold tablet. In addition, Aufort plans to offer several exciting new services which will give gold a real usage.

Estonians have shown significant interest in AufortGold – during the first four months, more than 1,6 kilograms of digital gold has been bought. Starting from June, the company’s client base has grown more than twice, the average turnover has grown about 300% and monthly average number of services has gone up 400%.

Aufort wants to make investing in gold easy and comfortable for all, including inexperienced investors. Entry barrier is low – one can invest in digital gold starting from 25 euros via a relatively simple e-shop platform.

The first funding round had 61 investors

Last autumn, Aufort was selected to Tehnopol Startup Incubator programme thanks to their innovative product development, and in November, Aufort managed to raise 200 000 euros in a private funding round from 61 investors. The e-shop for digital investment gold is the first result of last year’s funding round.

The second funding round closes on October 31. More information can be found at

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