Aufort launches digital gold retail platform and a million euro gold bounty aimed at new traders

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Aufort, the Estonian retail platform aimed at people looking to gain exposure to gold free from intermediaries and related costs has officially launched. It is the first company in the world that offers a platform where one can buy, sell, and withdraw digital gold in a convenient e-shop format. To celebtrate this important milestone, Aufort is giving away 1,000,000 euros worth of gold.

We are really happy to inform you of Aufort’s latest successes, since Aufort got its wings from Tehnopol Startup Incubators vigorous growth program last year and has been growing ever since!

The new platform aims to provide retail investors interested in gold as an asset class but have traditionally been put off by the high entry costs and storage limitations.

  • Retail investors can gain exposure to gold as an asset class for under €30
  • E-store solution enables people to buy, store and sell their gold holdings easily

AufortGold’s eCommerce solution for investment gold is based on Obyte’s Direct Acyclic Graph (DAG) technology. The use of DAG provides Aufort with additional opportunities to link new products and services. Gold is stored on behalf of the customer in secure vaults based in Austria and Estonia and can be resold at the current global market price or conveniently withdrawn as a gold bar.

“Innovative digital solutions are giving gold more and more new uses, which means that in the near future, transferring gold, paying with gold at a grocery store or borrowing with gold as collateral will be just a few examples of this,” commented Bert-Ken Raudberg, founder of Aufort.

In autumn, Aufort’s innovative product was selected for the Tehnopol Startup Incubator and in December, more than 60 investors invested 200,000 euros in the company’s activities in a private co-financing round. The digital investment gold e-store solution is one of the first tangible fruits of last year’s investment. This summer, however, the company is kicking off a campaign to raise awareness by giving away a million euros worth of gold.

“Interest in gold is growing, which was confirmed by last year’s successful financing round and our growing customer base, which sees strong competition in gold for both bonds and shares. With a gold injection of one million euros, we are offering beginners and experienced investors an extraordinary opportunity to enter the gold market, which should definitely be an option worth looking at in this current time of accelerating inflation, “said Bert-Ken Raudberg, founder of Aufort.

The campaign starts on June 10th and lasts until the end of June or until the gold runs out. Gold can be redeemed until August 31st, 2021. To participate in the campaign, you must register on the campaign page (, after which you will be sent instructions on how to receive a piece of gold.

Recently, Aufort has sold a total of just over 124,000 grams of gold and silver to thousands of Estonian customers. This autumn, the company will be holding a second round of financing to actively expand further into Europe and bring new gold investment solutions to the market. Aufort’s aim is to grow into a new age gold bank.

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