Enterprise Europe Network (EEN)

Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) helps companies innovate and grow internationally.

If you would like to search for business partners and/or develop your products with international partners, get the visibility to your solutions and recieve information about the cooperation events – take a look at Enterprise Europe Network.

More than 600 organisations in 52 countries across the world (including Asia, America, Russia etc) have joined EEN. New members join the Network continuously, thus extending the range of reliable informations regarding target countries and potential partners that can be provided to entrepreneurs.

EEN offers:

  • Company profile in EEN database: we help you to create company´s profile and share it within the network
  • Search for potential markets, technologies, possible cooperation partners and get the note if any of your interest will be added to the network
  • Contacts in Europe and outside of Europe of different entrepreneurship support organisations
  • Information about the partnership events

Additional information on the EEN Network is available at the general webpage of the Network een.ec.europa.eu and the Estonian webpage of the Network enterprise-europe.ee.

Tehnopol customers use the network free of charge. For more information and assistance on joining the EEN network:

Piret Hirv piret.hirv@tehnopol.ee +372 50 87 043

Ragmar Saksing ragmar.saksing@tehnopol.ee +372 52 54 265

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