AIRE brings together manufacturing companies, solution providers, universities and science parks, with everyone striving for a single goal. AIRE works for industrial development and innovation in the whole of Estonia.

AIRE is led by Tallinn University of Technology, and its partners are the University of Tartu, the Estonian University of Life Sciences, Tehnopol Science and Business Park, Tartu Science Park, and the Innovative Manufacturing Engineering Systems Competence Centre IMECC.


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If you are interested, contact: Anu Puusaag.


AI & Robotics Estonia (EDIH) is co-financed by European Digital Innovation Hubs programme of Digital Europe Programme and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of Estonia (Project ID: 101083677).


Science and Business park Tehnopol and the city of Tallinn are announcing the Tallinnovation innovation competition, the aim of which is to find smart city solutions to make the city’s services and environment more comfortable for both residents and visitors.


The aim of the innovation competition with a support fund of 50000 euros is to introduce new smart city solutions that make the city of Tallinn even more modern, more human- and environment-friendly, more sustainable and more open. The enterprise stimulates cooperation between the city and technology companies, creating opportunities for the use of innovative hardware-based products and services.


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4SmartGrowth is a EU funded growth project running between 2019 to 2021 to increase exports of smart solutions from the Central Baltic region to new markets.

For the coming two years, 4SmartGrowth will focus on finding growth-oriented SMEs with smart solutions on mobility, govtech, healthy population, educational technology and green solutions within the Central Baltic region to create new cross-boarder business opportunities, and export.


We provide export possibilities to the following selected markets:

  • Chile
  • Guangzhou region in China
  • Hebei province in China


The 4SmartGrowth objectives are:

30 selected companies will be offered to join this unique opportunity
6 export missions for 30 SMEs from CB region to 3 new markets
3-4 sales agreements reached OR pilots implemented in 3 markets during or shortly after the project.


What are we looking for:

  • Interesting and creative ideas
  • An interest in the selected markets
  • Innovation as a driver
  • Unique offers
  • State-of-the-art solutions

What can we offer to you:

  • More experience on the selected markets
  • Acceleration
  • Access to trusted Networks
  • More paying customers
  • Access to new markets


Project partners: Swedish Incubators and Science Parks, Science Park Västeräs, Turku Science Park, Business Tampere and Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol


For more information:

Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol

Kadi Villers



A unique network for innovative solutions in public-private co-operation to speed up the process towards the Baltic Sea Region digital single market.


With DIGINNO we are focusing on three challenges:


  • promoting uptake of ICT in the business sector
  • developing innovative digital public services
  • facilitating DSM (digital single market) related policy discussions on BSR level.


DIGINNO’s main outputs:


  • Company digitalization toolkit for SMEs
  • 4 show-case models of G2B cross-border e-services (incl. feasibility analyses and proofs of concept)
  • Policy recommendations White Paper


Important output:


  • An informal but active cross-sectoral BSR industry digitalization community


DIGINNO has 15 full partners (EE 3, FIN 1, POL 1, NO 1, LV 2, LT 4, SE 1, DK 2), • 9 associated partners (GE 2, FIN 2, SE 3, NOR 2) and Lead Partner – Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of Estonia.


Project will be implemented from October 2017 – September 2020


Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol plays important leading role in the second topic – developing innovative digital public services where the main outcome would be policy recommendations in implementing cross-border e-services in BSR countries.


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Estonian Smart City Cluster


Estonian Smart City Cluster is designed to create an innovative environment in cities which will boost the competitive ability of companies by bringing together businesses, citizens, public authorities, R&D institutes and structures that support innovation. The cluster will focus on the creation, development (including product development) and exporting of innovative solutions taking in different spheres of urban life. This is a joint project between the cities of Estonia, ICT companies and infrastructure companies.


Mission of the cluster is to support the development of smart city solutions in order to improve the life quality in the cities, and also to accelerate the export of enterprises. This will be achieved via internationally valued innovation environment, where city authorities and citizens, scientists, enterprises etc. are co-creating smart solutions based on contemporary technologies, that make providing both public and private smart city services more effective and easier to use.


Main focus areas of the cluster are:


  • ICT in different actions and processes of the cities
  • ICT and smart Solutions in transportation and mobility services
  • ICT and other technologies in developing healthcare and social welfare in an efficient and cost effective way
  • Energy saving in building and maintaining different buildings


Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol is one of the main lead partners in the cluster on behalf of Tallinn City and representing the companies of Tehnopol community.


The activities of the cluster are being co-financed from 2015-2018 by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) via the Enterprise Estonia cluster development programme. The project will last from 1 December 2015 to 30 November 2018 at a total cost of €1,200,000, 50% of which comprises support from the ERDF.



SME2GO – Central Baltic Region Smart City Solutions for Global Cities 




Duration: 1.10.2015 – 30.9.2018


Project partner: SISP Swedish Incubators & Science Parks, Stockholm, Sweden, Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol, Tallinn, Estonia, Turku Science Park Ltd, Turku, Finland, Västerås Science Park AB, Västerås, Sweden, Posintra Ltd, Porvoo, Finland.


Funding: 1.419.997, 25 euros from the European Regional Development Fund.


Project in a nutshell: The project SME2Go aimed at: Improving the competitiveness of smary city solution provides. The project brought together SMEs and their knowhow , trained them in sales and marketing skills, provided market intelligence and formed consortia out of these SMEs with readiness to enter new  markets. The project resulted in 8 cross border consortia of Central Baltic smart city SME’s which will lead to new sales in relevant target markets.


Contact person in Tehnopol: Anu Puusaag,

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