Cybernetica: our unique knowledge and experience allows us to bring new benefits and quality to healthcare

Cybernetica joins the Tehnopol led Connected Health Cluster. Their portfolio includes e-governance technologies, cybersecurity and privacy technologies, and they are also increasingly involved in development activities and innovation in the health field.

Cybernetica first came into contact with the healthcare sector some 15 years ago when they helped Tartu University Hospital develop their e-lab. In recent years, customers have grown more interested in health-related development and innovation projects and the number of healthcare projects is steadily growing.

The company’s core technologies clearly benefit the healthcare sector and they have always been prepared to work with customers in the healthcare sector. “For example, data exchange technology enables the use of data stored in different datasets to create new services in healthcare that are convenient for both the customer and the service provider,” said Triin Siil, the Privacy Engineering Consultant at Cybernetica.

High-quality and futureproof digital services

Cybernetica wants to partner with companies that create precision medicine solutions based on health data and other personalised health applications. “The re-use of data is a major challenge in healthcare. We know and have proven how to overcome this challenge using modern methods,” said Siil.

The company also sees itself as playing an important role in enabling data-intensive policy and scientific studies to help develop new ways to prevent and treat health problems. The implementation of healthcare innovation must be based on data protection innovation and this is where Cybernetica is a pioneer not only in Estonia but worldwide.

Over the course of the 25 years the company has been in business, they have accumulated a wealth of experience, most of which is based on in-depth information security knowledge and the ability to meet the highest security and functionality requirements. Even though the company primarily fulfils the role of tech and consultation partner for governments, Siil pointed out that the application of this experience and knowledge is not at all specific to any particular sector or area. “Our goal is to always create high-quality, secure and futureproof digital services,” Siil added. “Our unique knowledge and experience allows us to bring new benefits and quality to the field of healthcare and we definitely want to increase the number of customers in this area in our portfolio.”

Successful cooperation projects with outstanding foreign companies

The company’s partners on privacy and cybersecurity technologies include, for example, Sophia Genetics, one of the flagships of personalised medicine in Switzerland, and they have also had a fruitful partnership with GlaxoSmithKline on privacy technologies.

“At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we took part in the creation of the HOIA app, spearheading its security and data protection architecture,” said Siil. In addition, Cybernetica has prepared analyses on issues related to the secondary use of health data and personalised medicine on the order of the Ministry of Social Affairs.

They are currently working on CoNurse, the project of another cluster member, Cognuse, funded by the European Regional Development Fund and Enterprise Estonia under the programme for applied research. For more information about the collaboration, see here.

Cybernetica hopes to find new partners through the Connected Health Cluster for joint research and innovation projects. They want to help build innovative services to ensure good health and wellbeing based on Cybernetica’s science-based data protection and information security technologies.

The Connected Health Cluster led by Tehnopol Science and Business Park is Estonia’s biggest healthcare tech community, uniting health service providers, health tech companies and all other key interest groups in the field. The cluster’s support enables domestic cooperation projects and the export of health technological solutions to other countries. The activities of the cluster are co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

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