Eesti Energia’s new business directions got an innovation boost in cooperation with Tehnopol

Science and business park Tehnopol offers large corporations innovation services and one of the outcomes are programmes that are directed towards big companies, who want to accelerate new in-house projects, business directions, product development activities or spin-offs by using methodology that is common to start-ups. One of the large companies that Tehnopol recently cooperated with is Eesti Energia.

Tehnopol supported Eesti Energia in carrying out Enefit IdeaHUB accelerator, during which in-house business ideas were boosted to use the cleverness and capability of people working there to make innovation happen. The employees of Eesti Energia were supported by experts and mentors from Tehnopol, who carried out the accelerator programme in a structured and systematic manner. Enefit IdeaHUB sees accelerators as a quick way to test and validate ideas, and to understand if an idea is worth pursuing or not. Accelerators are one part of the IdeaHUB’s activities that promote innovation.

Eesti Energia’s Enefit IdeaHUB accelerator lasted for two weeks and this time four teams participated and developed new products or services. It took more than 100 hours of intense team work, trainings and presentations, during which the teams focused on creating new products and services, business development, building prototypes and putting together a business model. During the development sprint, a wholesome plan was made to bring new products and services to the market, which was validated during more than 60 client interviews and presented to the board of Eesti Energia. The acceleration programme involved more than 70 employees of Eesti Energia and Tehnopol’s mentors and experts. The topics included future energy solutions and reducing the clients’ environmental footprint.

Martin Goroško, the business service manager of Tehnopol, said that Tehnopol supports large companies that are seeking innovation. “Eesti Energia is a good example of how large companies can use their in-house resources to develop their services and products in a new way,” added Goroško.

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