EveryPay is partnering with SEB, the biggest banking group in the Baltics and Nordics

EveryPay, which is a co-operation partner in Tehnopol has signed a partnership agreement with SEB in order to offer business clients a world-class level of service in the acceptance of online card payments. 

Digital card payments have become mobile, instant and invisible, in both retail and eCommerce sector. By using EveryPay’s solutions, SEB’s corporate clients receive access to a continuously developing platform, which expands their range of potential customers and makes the acceptance and management of payments secure and efficient.

  • Payments will be practically invisible for consumers in the future.

“EveryPay offers solutions for businesses to accept card payments in any digital space,” says the CEO of EveryPay, Lauri Teder, when describing the service. “We are happy to start cooperating with SEB, and expand further into Europe.”
“EveryPay’s platform is not merely a card payment acceptance solution for online stores, it is also suitable for different business models such as services with monthly fees, invoices, or subscription payments. EveryPay helps businesses by offering more efficient management of cash-flow. For classical e-commerce, the EveryPay solution can easily be integrated with all major online platforms. We are constantly creating additional features, which bring convenience and speed for both companies and card owners alike,” he adds.

“We are happy to partner with an Estonian payment gateway who can help our business clients accept card payments and expand their global customer base. With EveryPay, SEB can now offer our clients recurring payments, automatic payments for regular services, and invisible payments as part of one service solution. EveryPay already has its own success story and we are delighted to be cooperating with them” says the Head of Corporate Banking of SEB Artjom Sokolov.

* EveryPay platform is PCI DSS Level 1 compliant and is certified by Mastercard and Visa.

What is EveryPay?

EveryPay is a payment gateway built for fintech and frictionless consumer experiences, designed to grow your business through a wide variety of use cases for card payments.

Industries of growth for EveryPay include financial services, e-wallets, consumer apps and subscription services. With our smart technical solutions, EveryPay’s goal is to be your partner in global business – we innovate, we educate and we help our clients reach their goals.

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