On December 8th will take place Effect4Buildings final online conference:  Financial tools and instruments for energy efficiency in buildings. The conference includes among other things panel discussions, presentation of the toolbox for energy efficiency and the tools. The Project Manager will give a summary of the project and a group of technology solution providers will present their solutions to share knowledge and experiences of energy efficiency solutions.

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The goal of EFFECT4buildings is to increase the number of energy efficiency measures implemented in existing public buildings in the Baltic Sea Region. The target group is public building managers who often know what actions are technically possible and sometimes have calculations that show that these investments are profitable, but despite that fails to implement the measures due to financial barriers.

The project has produced a toolbox with financial methods that can improve profitability, facilitate funding and reduce the risk of energy investment in public real estate. Examples of tools are profitability calculations, action packages, contribution optimization, EPC, multifunctional agreements, green leases and economic models for both production and energy use.

EFFECT4buildings connects public property owners with suppliers of solutions to achieve more efficient use of energy in the Baltic Sea Region. Financial tools and methods have been developed through various real cases among partners participating in the project.

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