From idea to prototype: Prototron paves the way for tech entrepreneurs

From idea to prototype: Prototron paves the way for tech entrepreneurs

When embarking on your journey as an entrepreneur, the initial steps are often the toughest. If you have a technological business idea but aren’t sure where to begin, now is the opportunity to submit your idea to Prototron’s funding program, where you could receive up to €35,000 in seed funding to develop your company’s first prototype. The deadline for submitting your idea for the first funding round of this year is March 31st!

You don’t need to have an established company to apply for Prototron’s program. All you need is an innovative idea and a team ready to bring that idea to life. The fund is established by Swedbank, Tehnopol, and TalTech to support early-stage business ideas. The goal is to help applicants create their first tangible prototype, which can then be presented to investors and entrepreneurship incubators for further funding and collaboration opportunities.

Participants in Prototron undergo a two-month program during which they:

  • Attend training sessions on product development, presentation skills, sales, and legal matters, helping them to establish a solid plan for realizing their business idea.
  • Receive individual mentorship sessions for professional and personalized guidance in refining their idea.

The program culminates in a pitch competition where the Prototron expert panel selects winning teams to receive up to €35,000 in equity-free funding for building their first prototype. Additionally, winners gain access to Tehnopol Startup Incubator, mentorship in research and development from TalTech, and legal assistance from Hedman Partners law firm.

By participating in Prototron, you can take your startup idea from concept to the stage of a first prototype within two months, positioning yourself to apply for Tehnopol’s Startup Incubator, where you may secure your initial investments.

Submit your idea on Prototron’s website today.

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