Hepta Airborne will attract 650,000€ from investors and expand to foreign markets in the coming months

Another success story of Tehnopol Startup Incubator Hepta Airborne attracts 650,000€ from Baltic and American investors to accelerate product development and expand to the Scandinavian and Baltic markets this year.

“Today, 98% of European electricity monitoring are on foot or not done at all. In a year and a half, Hepta Airborne has developed an economical remote monitoring and software solution that analyzes data that can only work out in just a few hours that would normally take a year to complete. All in all, this also means lower prices for the end user and less power cuts. In other words, both the potential market and the customer’s interest are great,” explained Hepta Airborne CEO Henri Klemmer.

In Estonia we are already cooperating with Elering, Imatra and Elektrilevi, and we have also entered the Finnish market. An investment of 650,000€ will enable us to significantly accelerate software development so that the system can identify and signal future powerline defects. We also negotiate with customers from Spain, Portugal, France, Poland, and many other countries to offer our comprehensive solutions to their entire network,” told Klemmer about Hepta future plans.

Tehnopol Startup Incubator Manager Martin Goroško said Hepta Airborne’s charm is that they are both strong engineers in software and hardware development. “A set of self-guided drones and software helps power network managers save time working and making very accurate investments to increase network reliability. Of course, it took a lot of time for such a solution to enter the market, during which we have provided commercial support to Hepta’s team and helped to attract investment. Now is the moment when we got the assurance that the action is attractive to customers and investors, ”added Goroško.

Hepta Airborne team also participates in the Business Incubator Program of the European Space Agency (ESA BIC) offered by Tehnopol Startup Incubator. In cooperation with the European Space Agency, the team will continue to be offered opportunities to test its own technology on international test sites and to find ways to implement it in space.

Tehnopol Startup Incubator offers growth support for early-stage technology companies. We help entrepreneurs in creating, selling, marketing and developing a business model in order to reach primary private investment or stable sales.

Hepta Airborne develops autonomous remote monitors that are used, for example, to monitor power lines as they can fly up to 600 km and stay up to 6 hours in the air. Helicopter aerial data collection is supported by the automated data processing and technical analysis platform.

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