How to create engaging content to share in both traditional and new media?

Keeping up with Internet marketing trends can sometimes be a difficult task. Marketers are more and more searching for the new ways to reach potential customers through frantic noise. Instead of mass advertising, a more personalized approach is becoming more important, creating a much stronger and lasting relationship with the customer. Read about the importance of content marketing and storytelling HERE. The future of content marketing and PR was discussed by Natalia Storozhuk ( and Marelle Ellen (Promoty) at the event by Science Park Tehnopol.

Content marketing is important mainly because of these 3 reasons: trust, brand awareness and website traffic that content marketing helps to grow organically, Natalia explained. In order to write good and media-friendly content, Natalia recommended to both SMEs and startups:

  1. Newsjacking. Speak about the hot topics – trends and sometimes even procative issues. The article itself should reflect the writer’s expertise, experience and opinion and should leave a professional impression.
  2. Case studies. Write about, which problems your clients are facing and how your product can help them to solve this issue. Share your company’s positive customer experience and show yourself as an expert in the field.
  3. Open the veil.  Certainly, your company has a lot of know-how to share about something you do very well. You should share it with the media – show how your product is made and what the success or failure of the process can be. By doing so, you educate the consumer and provide the value. If you are working in the co-working space, you could share your experience how you can get acquainted with other startups and employees in this building. This article will be interesting for media outlets also, because they like to write about these things. 
  4. Branded merchandise.  Share cool products your brand fans want to wear and showcase. If your company values ​​green environment, keep that in mind when choosing business gifts.

You have written an article and you’re ready to share it with others on your channels and in the media. Since it is more common for startups to have a low budget but high expectations for business growth, a creative approach and DIY solutions are welcome. Marelle Ellen from Promoty explained how in two years they have engaged nearly five thousand content creators, over a thousand marketers, entered three markets and created over 500 campaigns. Marelle says at least half of those results are achieved with a zero budget. How did they do it?

  1. Articles. Write an article and propose it to some news portal. If it is well-written and news-worthy, it will probably be published. Media reporting is a very powerful tool for a startup because they are free, reaches many people and builds credibility.
  2. Press releases. The are the messages to the media, that you will send to inform them. It has to be newsworthy, because media don’t just share promotional articles. For example, it is appropriate to write a press release about launching a new product, entering a new market or getting an investment. 
  3. Topic proposals. Write a really personal letter to a journalist about why your topic is important, why it’s newsworthy and why the audience and journalist should be interested in it. Topic proposals usually work for big newspapers, television, radio, podcast, where you can’t really do the content by yourself but you propose the topic and the journalist will do the content.

Tehnopol would like to say thank you to Natalia and Marelle for sharing their thoughts and ideas!

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