Ninja trail, food trucks and a fun concert – See what happened at Tehnopol’s awesome summer party!

We kicked off summer on June 16 with Tehnopol’s summer party. The highlight of the day was surely our ninja trail where 12 teams competed for fame and glory. But the day could not have been complete without different food trucks, La Muu ice cream and a very fun concert by beloved Estonian singers Jarek Kasar and Vaiko Eplik.

Tehnopol’s ninja trail is a real challenge that tests the teams’ ability to overcome obstacles, just like companies have to do in real life. The competition was fierce and the winners were determined only a couple of minutes before the award ceremony. See, this time there were a couple of challenges which either added or subtracted seconds to the team’s total time.

The final score table was as follows:

  1. Kood/Ninja – 7:19
  2. FitSphere – 8:10 (the winners of 2021!)
  3. PCC Project – 8:15
  4. Krakul – 9:20
  5. CT QC – 9:30
  6. Mektory – 9:32
  7. Enskied – 10:26
  8. Delta E insenerid – 11:09
  9. Thorgate – 11:15
  10. Ida-Virukad 11:26
  11. CT AD – 11:39
  12. Xolo 14:30

Once all 12 teams had completed the trail, there was an award ceremony where in addition to ninja trail teams, awards were given to those who participated in Tehnopol’s step count challenge. The winning team came from Astlanda and they made 2 779 029 during 30 days! The best individual result was 970 815 steps.

After the awards were given to the best sportsmen, everyone finally got a chance to grab a nice lunch from food trucks, sit down and enjoy the concert. We also distributed ice cream from La Muu which was a nice and cool desert on such a sunny day.  

A huge thanks to everyone who came, who participated in the ninja trail and step count challenge, who cheered for the teams! It was so lovely to see so many people enjoying a nice picnic with their colleagues, friends and families. We sure have awesome people at the campus! Until next time!

You can find more photos from Facebook!

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