Suckõrs will be representing Estonia in SmartUP Accelerator project

Suckõrs, startup from Tehnopol Startup Incubator, was chosen to represent Estonia in SmartUp Accelerator project. The aim of this project is to bring together innovation actors in the consumer cleantech field around the Baltic Sea to make the region a forerunner in sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship.

In order to reach the goal, there is an international accelerator program for startups and SMEs organised yearly. Previously, we’ve covered topics such as smart homes and smart mobility. This year SmartUP Accelerator project is supporting solutions related to smart consumption and increased consumer awareness. We are happy to announce that Suckõrs won a chance to be part of the project, so we asked some questions from the CEO of Suckõrs, Mihkel Tamm, to get to know them better.

Congratulations for being chosen to SmartUP Accelerator! What goals have you set for this accelerator program?

Thank you! We are very much looking forward to this accelerator program because we see that this would be particularly helpful at the moment. This opportunity came to us at the right time, as we have been looking for the best way to enter the German market for months. Now we can learn how to enter the market correctly through SmartUP Accelerator.

Have you entered the foreign markets with your products before? How has the feedback been?

We have made a few sales to overseas markets – Germany, Finland, Latvia, Japan, France, UK and Denmark for example. Feedback on products has been very positive, but in the case of a physical product, we also need to consider the transport costs, which in our current situation makes the final price of the product relatively expensive.

There are many similar support programs for startups – where and how do you find the support programs that fit your goals the best?

In November 2018, we managed to be one of the winners of Prototron. After that we started to understand the startup world a bit more, and since then, Tehnopol and Cleantech ForEst have been leading us in many ways. They know exactly which opportunities are there for startups and their recommendations have therefore been the most important pointers for us. For example, we got help finding first contacts to enter the Japanese and Finnish markets. With their help, we reached the first helping hands there who were interested in our product. Let’s face it, you may not always have time to look for different opportunities in the world while you also have to build up your startup.

What are the latest developments in your company?

2020 has already been a great year for us and we are strongly moving forward. We have been able to sufficiently automate our production to achieve the required goals. Hopefully, it could be a little easier to go from here, because now one issue has been resolved and scaling is perhaps easier.

The second biggest improvement has been with our reed scrap material. Our material technologist Sander Õun has done a great job and is therefore ready to pilot our material.

Suckõrs will take part of Smartup Accelerator online bootcamp in next week!

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