First Smart Industry hackathon Tark Tööstus will be held this weekend!

Industry 4.0 is presently gaining momentum around the world, with new digital production technologies being developed and adopted by an increasing number of industrial undertakings.  It has become clear that the solutions from the previous industrial era does not allow one to remain competitive for very long in a digital industry environment; therefore, each industry must be a smart industry in the world of the future.

In January 2018, Enterprise Estonia, in cooperation with Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol, will be starting a series of industrial idea days and hackathons, during the course of which problems that are delaying smart industry development will be gathered and new and exciting solutions will be developed. The project is being funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

According to Kadi Villers, the promoter of Smart Industry hackathons and Head of Development Projects in Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol, the additional value currently being created by Estonian industry is less than half of the European average. ‘At the same time, industrial output accounts for three quarters of Estonia’s exports, thereby affecting Estonia’s general economic performance. The modernisation of Estonia’s industrial sector, i.e. its transformation into a smart industry, means the integration of ICT solutions into production as well as products, in order to manage processes, receive data, and to make better decisions on the basis thereof. Tehnopol supports the development of the knowledge-intensive business technology industry and its integration with businesses from other sectors. When it comes to growing exports we want to be the best partner for Estonia’s businesses, which is why we are also increasingly dealing with the topic of the digitisation of industry’, explained Villers.

The first Smart Industry hackathon <tark/tööstus> will focus on resolving problems related to supply chain planning, and will take place from 19-21 January, at Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol. 

Which parties are expected to take part?

  • Undertakings and specialists (industry, IT, design, marketing, and business)
  • Industry and ICT professional associations
  • Educational institutions (industry, IT, design, marketing, and business)
  • Educational institutions (industry, IT, design, marketing, and business)
  • Research and development centres in the field of industry

Come and hack smart solutions together with experts in their respective fields:

  • for ordering raw materials and materials, their delivery, and direction into production
  • forecasting order amounts
  • quality control of raw materials, and for collecting, integrating and analysing data from all of these segments
  • or another industrial problem requiring a solution

Find more information and register at:

The hackathons are held in Estonian. 

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