Tehnopol welcomes Startup Incubator’s new International batch of startups!

The new season of the Startup Incubator opened on September 9 with a practical workshop focusing on business models and managing startup results. According to Ingrid Hermet, CEO of Nutriloop, who is developing a carbon and nutrient recycling system, the training day was very insightful. “The training day was very practical and concrete. It gave a good idea of ​​what to think about as a start-up company, ”Hermet added.

Over the next 6-12 months, various start-up companies will have the opportunity to develop their product or service, focus on marketing and sales strategies, and achieve investor readiness. They are assisted by experienced mentors who help them find the most scalable business model possible, advise on attracting investments and help reach the desired target market. In addition, startups have the opportunity to participate in a practical training series.

Ingrid Hermet, Nutriloop’s CEO, described Nutriloop’s expectations for the coming season: “We expect, first of all, that by the end of the incubation we have a plan on how to scale our already developed models to other countries and are investment-ready.”

40 new start-ups started in the Autumn batch. As many as ten of them specialize in space technology. According to Kadri Tammai, the head of Tehnopol Startup Incubator, there is a growing interest from foreign companies as well: “This time we are accelerating the development of six Finnish and two Swedish companies through the international Northbound Startup project. The program was also joined by two entrepreneurs from Hong Kong, who came to Estonia specifically to become part of the local startup ecosystem and support programs. ”

The clear development direction of the Startup Incubator is to expand opportunities for investments and to bring startups investors from Estonia, the Baltics, Scandinavia and elsewhere by using investor networks and demo days. Check out some of the companies that started their journey in the Startup Incubator

According to Bert-Ken Raudberg, CEO of Aufort, who are developing a fintech product solution, Tehnopol Startup Incubator will help their company achieve greater ambitions. “We want to launch the product soon and start expanding globally. Tehnopol Startup Incubator offers practical training and high-level mentoring, which seemed to be a great opportunity to support the implementation of our plans. We are glad that the Tehnopol team sees the potential in our idea and team and wants to go on this exciting journey with us, ”Raudberg explained.

Our marketing intelligence solutions help marketers make data-backed business decisions and achieve better ROI through actionable insights, customized marketing strategies driven by machine learning and predictive analytics.

Aufort is developing the most transparent and easy to use online platform that enables to buy, sell and redeem digital form of physical investment gold. Aufort is combining gold with blockchain technology and e-commerce platform that makes it faster, easier and cheaper. Aufort’s vision is to become the next generation gold bank.

BookMD is a platvorm striving to connect patients with a plastic surgeon anywhere in the world. Our solution covers everything from finding the best surgeon based on the patient´s needs, to consultation, travel and post surgery care- all without leaving their desk.


We are Cryplect and we are developing a new opportunity for sports clubs to receive more funds by selling unique collectable tokens backed on the Ethereum blockchain.

Missing airplane (or other object)? Falconers keeps track of objects on Earth real-time with AI onboard satellites.

For Future’s Sake is an affiliate marketing digital marketplace which focuses on promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle products through green influencers around the world.

FoxIoT helps customers with IoT platform to quickly and easily IoTfy any devices.
We provide smart IoT devices and the open-source platform to customers to measure and control various data thereby empowering them to have greater and smarter decision making and saving energy to make our planet a better place.

HoloFitZone is the only hologramm fitness provider for home usage. It is a safe and contact free alternative for fitness clubs and personal trainers. We offer exceptional workout experience through hologram fitness!

InstaComm for Commissioning

Application for commissioning and testing devices and installed systems in renewable and energy industries. Good app for engineers, electricians, technicians, etc. people who work on worksites.

KYCer is an utility that allows to create KYC profiles that automatically collect the most common KYC data from various databases, incl. State databases. The portal mediates data between the state, ie. national and external databases, and companies and between companies themselves. An existing profile is interoperable, always in real time and the person can choose with who to share their profile data.

We use biowaste to create an effective carbon and nutrient cycling system. We take the resource from biowaste back to the soil to grow healthy food regeneratively. Our vision is to make regeneratively grown food available for everyone.

PhaseGrowth trains the professionals of the future by delivering interactive, tailor-made educational content based on space data that can be applied in the downstream industries. Our customers are companies that wish to address the skills gap in their labour force and by equipping employees with practical knowledge about geospatial data the industry becomes more profitable and increases its global competitiveness.

UP Catalyst is producing sustainable carbon nanomaterials and catalyst powders from CO2 and biomass available in the wood, pulp and paper industry. Our carbon nanomaterials replace the expensive, metal carbide derived carbons and carbon materials synthesized from fossil fuels. We provide extremely high purity and highly crystalline carbon nanomaterials for several state-of-art applications: batteries, ultracapacitors, fuel cells, electronics and as catalyst carriers in many other industries.

Zilculator is a PropTech SaaS tool that helps real estate investors and realtors with deal analysis, marketing, and lead generation, through a mostly automated process that produces interactive property reports full of charts, forecasts, and real estate metrics.

Have a look at all of Startup Incubator’s awesome startups: https://www.startupincubator.ee/en/portfolio-alumni/

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