The innovation fund is investing 100,000 euros in smart city solutions

The Tallinnovation innovation competition is organised jointly by the city of Tallinn and the Tehnopol Science and Business Park with the aim of finding smart city solutions that will improve the services and the environment of the city for residents and visitors. A record 100,000 euros is available for investment in smart city solutions this year.

Tallinn will use the innovation competition to introduce contemporary smart city solutions to make the city more modern, more user-friendly, less wasteful, and more engaging. The project will encourage cooperation between the city and technology companies, creating opportunities for testing, using and developing innovative hardware-based products and services.

Deputy Mayor of Tallinn Joosep Vimm explained that the competition was looking for both completely new ideas and working alternatives to the solutions that are already in use. “The focus is primarily on solutions that use green technology and the circular economy, but also on developing a range of educational technologies and data-based support for decision making. The Tallinnovation competition is being held for the third year now, and as there are so many companies with good ideas, we decided to double the total size of the innovation fund. We also doubled the maximum amount of support that one company can receive”, he said.

The innovation competition is open to companies registered in Tallinn. Companies that submit ideas can get financial support, pilot their projects, gain contacts, advice and resources from Tallinn city, and use the support of the Tehnopol network of mentors.

Indrek Orav of the board of the Tehnopol Science and Business Park said that the competition provided a great opportunity to support innovative technological ideas. “Tehnopol supports innovative companies with new knowledge, practical experience and a broad network of contacts. The Tallinnovation competition adds financial support to that, which is often vital for actually rolling out ideas that are ready to market”, he noted.

A total of 12 solutions entered in the Tallinnovation competition in 2021 got through the presentation round, rather than the planned eight. Four winners were chosen from among them to receive support for their solutions. The sensors made by Thinnect give a picture of traffic and noise levels in a district and so improve traffic safety. KrattWorks makes specially-designed drones for public order, rescue and fire-fighting operations. Solintel produces smart hybrid street lighting powered by solar energy. Mypak Solutions offers the new Ringo recycling service for reusable packaging.

Entries in the third Tallinnovation innovation competition will be assessed in two stages. First the applications will be reviewed, additional information will be requested, and discussions held with the applicants to find the best solution. In the second stage, the selected solutions will be presented to the commission of experts from the city of Tallinn and from Tehnopol. Ideas that need both financial and non-monetary contributions, such as testing for e-solutions, or data collection, are welcome. The size of the innovation fund in 2022 is 100,000 euros.

Candidates can submit their applications from 19 May until 15 September 2022. Ideas that are submitted earlier will have the advantage that they can get feedback to improve their application and add further information. More information on the competition can be found and applications submitted at:

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