The Startup Incubator took startups to the Web Summit

The traditional technology conference Web Summit 2022 was held in Portugal in early November, and the Tehnopol Startup Incubator team attended together with startup firms from our growth programme.

Head of the Startup Incubator Kadri Tammai said that the conference was full of ideas and very intensive, and there was a clear feeling of how technology startups were supporting Ukraine, and how there was an increasing desire to help create solutions and services that could really change the world.

One speaker at the conference was NATO Assistant Secretary General David van Weel, who presented the NATO DIANA (Defence Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic), which is coming to Estonia and will be operated by the Tehnopol Startup Incubator. The accelerator is intended to strengthen the technological advantages of NATO by bringing together the best startups, scientists and technology companies working in the defence sector.

Kadri Tammai, who has been leading the accelerator for Tehnopol, is convinced that DIANA will have a large and very beneficial impact on the creation and development of knowledge-intensive startups. Kadri managed to speak with David and inform him about how the Estonian startup community is already contributing to the DIANA initiative. “Yes, we are that little country that borders Russia, and so you can only imagine how big our desire is to contribute to developing the best technology in the world for our defence industries”, said Kadri.

For more information on DIANA, see here.

Tehnopol was accompanied at the Web Summit by the startup firms Dento, Rhombuss, Transit Location and CAV Solutions.

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