The summer party at the Tehnopol campus will put the skills of companies to the test

The Tehnopol and Astlanda summer party will be held again on 8 June. Those who attended the party last year will remember the food trucks, the ice cream, the concert … and the challenge of the Ninja trail course!

The Ninja trail will be set up this year too for companies wanting to test their skills in the obstacle race! All you need to do is get together in a team of four, register for the trail, and start warming up for 8 June. The ninja trail is full of surprises in just the same way that doing business is, and you must be prepared for the unexpected. You will certainly benefit from having nerves of steel, adaptability, and high tolerance for stress. Again, just like in business! Companies from our campus, and our partners who we work with are all welcome to take on the assault course, but you should move quickly because this time there will be space for only ten teams. So think fast and strike like a ninja!

When you finish the ninja trail, you can reward yourself with a range of exciting flavours from the various food trucks, and listen to an acoustic concert by a beloved Estonian musician Hendrik Sal-Saller who is accompanied by Erko Laurimaa. Children are also welcome at the summer party, where they can have fun on a bouncy castle and treat themselves with ice cream.

And if you are taking part in our step-counting competition, you will certainly want to attend the summer party, because that is where we will be handing out the prizes to the winners. Sign up for the summer party here!

PS: Your marketing and communications people can join us on the morning of the same day, 8 June, for our coffee morning meeting, where we will discuss how to get news about your company into the media. The coffee morning meeting will be held in Estonian. See here for more detailed information and registration.

The day promises to be both useful and fun, and we will see you on 8 June at Tehnopol!

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