Smart Industry


Smart Industry is an event series focusing on industry digitalisation, organised by Tehnopol and Enterprise Estonia. In two years, we shall organise 4 brainstorming days and 4 development marathons where leaders and specialists from industrial enterprises, IT companies, enterprises servicing the industry, education and research institutions, and elsewhere shall meet and work as teams to solve challenges industrial enterprises face when digitalising. Each event shall have its own focus subject, but other burning issues of industrial enterprises shall also be resolved.


The brainstorming day is a one-day event where ideas for solutions solving the challenges previously detected and described by the participating enterprises are searched for. The development marathon includes further work on the best idea solutions, they shall be designed a business model, a product or service shall be prototyped, and it shall be validated with the future users of the product or service. The developments of the winning teams of the development marathon shall be incubated by Tehnopol’s Startup Incubator until the product or service is launched on the market or implemented in the enterprise.


The Smart Industry events are a unique chance to resolve the challenges of industrial enterprises and for the IT companies the opportunity to gain an input from the industrial sector to develop digital products.


Participating in the events is free of charge for the enterprises involved.


More information can be found on the Smart Industry website.

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