How to Find and Hire Best International Employees?

It’s time to go global – not only with your company’s business strategy but also with your team.

Hiring international talent is, however, an important first step that requires a good plan for even better implementation. Whether you are a startup or an existing company, onboarding every global talent comes down to simple rule: how to make the process smooth for both parties.

At Tehnopol, working with global talents is not a new thing and we’ve brought together all the experts on creating a wholesome recruiting experience:

  • International House of Estonia is a building in the heart of Tallinn to provide a wide range of information: consultation and public authority services for international newcomers in Estonia and local employers.
  • Nicole Tan first came to Estonia last year to organise one of the biggest startup conference in the region – Latitude59. Today, she is working at LeapIN, company where she is one of the … international talents in the team.
  • Karel Kask, sales manager from Jobbatical, assists Estonian companies with any information over international hiring processes and immigration-related topics. Jobbatical is a service and marketplace that empowers digital talent to work in different countries seamlesslly. They´re  connecting companies worldwide and help them to find, qualify and relocate the best international talent to support their growth.
  • Priit Vimberg, co-founder and CEO from TalentAtlas, wanted to re-shape industries that have been in standstill for decades . He created a platform that finds talents in seconds anywhere in the world! Filling job vacancy with TalentAtlas is cost effective and easy and it enables to use the automated and innovative search and selection tool to reach the Global Talent Pool.
  • Kaarel Holm, co-founder and CEO from MeetFrank, has lead previously business and product development in the largest media corporations in the Baltics. MeetFrank is a secret recruitment app that allows people to be active in the job market on their own terms and without being tagged as job seekers. Company is set to become the first on-demand HR marketplace driven by the needs of talent, not the companies.

Join us at Tehnopol Startup Incubator on 09 May at 16:00. Make sure to register via Tehnopol website because Jobbatical, MeetFrank and TalentAtlas will help you find talents on spot!


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