TEW2018: Company visits

Curious business enthusiasts are welcomed to peek into other businesses on every day of the week during TEW. This is a great way to see how other people make business in an area that interests you or to find a potential job, meet with new people and get more familiar with the campus.

Companies that are opening their doors for the visits:

September 10

13:45-14:45 Akadeemia tee 21/1, 5th floor

k-space.ee is a hackerspace that brings together students and techies. They’re located on the fifth floor of Cybernetics House at Akadeemia tee 21/1 and they’ve got more than 350m2 of space for different activities and events like Python CodeClub, TallinnSec Meetups, Hack The Box evenings and Chaostreff, they’re building basketball robots for Robotex competition, brew beer and play koroona. During the visit you can take a look how CNC machine is used to mill wooden keyboard, play retro games, check out their server room and of course they’ll talk in depth what’s going on there on a daily basis. If you’re looking place for your hobby activities or a place to host your community events then you should definitely pop in to see what we’ve got.

15:00-16:00 Mäealuse 4, A-part

Cellin Technologies OÜ is a company that produces cell therapy products, which implements recognized quality management systems for the production of medical cell therapy products. The visit is being carried out by experts in their area, because Cellin Technologies OÜ is the first company in the Baltic States to have a clean room for the production of medicine for clinical research and has been granted a license to manufacture. The team’s professional knowledge of cellular therapies and advanced technology allow to offer products and services to both industrial and research institutions and you will be able to hear about it during your visit!

16:15-17:15 Akadeemia tee 21/1, 3rd floor

We look forward to seeing everyone interested in the development of electronic products and devices created in Estonia. We will display the ERM’s e-paper screen, public transport ticketing equipment and Myoton muscle tone meter, which is also used at the International Space Station ISS.

September 11

13:45-14:45 Teaduspargi 8

15:00-16:00 Akadeemia tee 15B

16:15-17:15 Akadeemia tee 21/4, 4th floor

September 12

13:00-14:00 Mäealuse 2/1, 6th floor

14:15-15:15 Mäealuse 2/2

PS! Only in Estonian.

September 13

12:45-13:45 Mäealuse 2/1, UK Lounge

Afterward there will be Thorgate office open as well.

14:00-15:00 Teaduspargi 8

Ektaco is a Finnish-Estonian private equity company for almost 30 years. During this time, we have been constantly introducing innovative products to the market, surviving over three economic crises, and now, for some years now, we have been competing with new markets with CompuCash. We started with Finland, now we have been operating in Latvia and Lithuania for some years, but the most successful experience is from the beginning of this year in the Arab Emirate. Our top product is the CompuCash cash register, but beside that we have been developing CompuAccess – work-time planning and computing system.

We are ready to share our experience, both success and challenges, but we also expect from visitors to have good ideas for further growth to share with us.

September 14

13:00-14:00 Raja 15

Mektory is a TTU Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center. The tour is 1 hour, during this we will make a presentation about Mektory mission and activities for 15 minutes and a 45 minute tour of the house where you can see laboratories, demo rooms and rooms of different companies and embassies. You can play virtual reality game and get acquainted with the TTU satellite project.

14:15-15:15 Akadeemia tee 21/5, 3rd floor

Teligent OÜ which is daughter company of Teligent Inc. and listed on NASDAQ as American generic medicine producer, is operating in Estonia since 2016. The company’s main business areas are the development of generic medicines for the United States market and supply chain management between Europe and North America. The Estonian company employs 13 people, 10 of which are directly involved in development work.

All the events are free of charge, but for limited participants, so don’t forget to register HERE.

You will find all the important information about TEW2018 HERE. Info is constantly updated!


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