Welcome to the European Chemistry Partnering!

The European Chemistry Partnering, or simply ECP, is an event with one goal and one goal only: Accelerating the business of companies which belong to the chemical value chain. Start-ups, medium-sized companies, large companies and investors. On the 23rd February 2018 they all gather under the umbrella of the European Chemistry Partnering in the financial heart of Europe: Frankfurt am Main.

The European Chemistry Partnering welcomes all companies that are offering or looking for new products and services: Classic chemistry, renewable resources and more sustainable methods, e.g. enzymes for more sustainable productions, process improvements, new coating methods, new ingredients and nanotechnology, or digitization apps for logistics and purchasing – the European Chemistry Partnering is the productive marketplace for new contacts and businesses.

Why should you attend?

If you are looking for investors and finance…

You can pitch your startup and talk directly to potential investors. Make your startup visible to the investment landscape and convince the investors not only of your product but also of your will to succeed.

If you are looking for new customers or cooperation partners…

Losing interest in new customers means losing your business. Join the ECP and talk directly to potential customers. We want to make sure you won’t leave the event without a feeling of having accomplished a great deal of business within a few hours.

Contacts and networks are the basis of every successful company. Make sure you take the opportunity the ECP provides to meet decision makers belonging to the whole value chain of chemistry.

How does it work?

Pitching and Partnering are the two parts the ECP consists of. Whereas the pitching part is optional, the partnering stands in the center of attention. You will be able to pre-schedule your meetings once you have registered for the event. Plan your business, do not make it by chance.

For more information about the event please check the website http://european-chemistry-partnering.com/ and follow us on Twitter (@EuChemPa).

We are looking forward to meet you at the ECP in February 2018!

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